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The Department of Social Development (DSD) in association with Aarix Business Soulutions (www.Aarix.com) developed a web-based OVC database called the Community Based Intervention Monitoring System (CBIMS) and roll-out began on the 1st September 2013 to DSD staff based at District Offices. DSD staff will initially capture on behalf of CBO’s and later become involved in training of data capturers within CBOs.

Subsequent to the development of CBIMS, it was found that many organizations needed offline capture facilities. Apps4D was contracted to work off the USAID OVC database and convert it to match CBIMS, and create an MS Access based desktop version of CBIMS.  This version (“CBIMS Desktop”) would also allow import from the USAID OVC Database, produce the USAID required PEPFAR Reports and closely resemble the CBIMS user interface so that CBIMS users could work interchangeably on both systems without retraining.

CBIMS Desktop was completed successfully in 2014. Many of the DSD District Data Capturers also use CBIMS desktop due to poor internet connectivity. Ongoing development of the database is currently funded by FHI360 under the USAID OVCY Programme 2016-2018.

Release Versions
Release 7.05 (30 September 2018)
  • On request by Centre for Positive Care, altered Data Capture Report to only include beneficiaries who have had captured beneficiary, household or workshop interventions in a time period. Exclude other edits from the report. 
  • Prevent duplicate counts in ReACH Report when a single person is captured in two households, as both caregiver and non-caregiver. 
  • Optimization of the Active Beneficiary Report for large (65 000+) datasets
Release 7.04 (25 June 2018)
  • Changes to the ECHS, BRIDGE and ReACH Reports as requested by FHI 360
  • Improvements and bug fixes for merging databases from XML files for Department of Social Development provincial offices.
  • Changes to the KwaZulu-Natal Treasury WoW Reports
  • Changes to the DIMES Summary Report as requested by NACOSA
Release 7.03
  • Added Attendance and Target Report for the Women of Worth (WoW) workshops
  • Added ability to make any month the project start date
  • Function to import of services from spreadsheet for daily interventions
  • Fixed bug reported by NACOSA in PEPFAR Report - graduated beneficiaries
Release 7.02 (30 April 2018)
  • Allow daily capture of interventions for the KZN Provincial Treasury Cash Plus Care/Women of Worth (WoW) Programme
Release 7.01 (24 April 2018).
  • New Age Categories for HCT_TST, PP_PREV, GEND_GBV, GEND_NORM and VMMC_CIRC (MER January 2018 Version 2.2).
  • BRIDGE Template changes in HIVSTAT.
  • New definition for PP_PREV (requires Vhutshilo + HCT Referral or ART Referral or ART Adherence Support).
  • Added location details to the Active Beneficiary Report for HWW
Release 7.00  (22 March 2018). 
  • Conforms to MER January 2018 Version 2.2 Active Beneficiary Definition.
  • Added Lets Talk to ECHS Report.
  • Added SRH Incomplete Referrals for ReACH Report.
  • Changed incomplete referrals in ECHS, ReACH and BRIDGE to include Active and non-active beneficiaries.
  • Added PrEP to BRIDGE.
  • Count workshop sessions only once on graduation as a service, rather than one service per session.
  • Added Workshop Report.
  • Added Beneficiary Service Capture Report.
Release 6.06 (14 February 2018). 
  • ReACH and ECHS reports updated for new active beneficiary definition.
  • AGYW vulnerability added to ECHS.
  • Disallow beneficiaries to live in two households.
  • BRIDGE Template 2018_2 to fix anomalies in HIVSTAT counts when under 15yrs are served
Release 6.05 (14 February 2018). 
  • BRIDGE Report added.
  • Transferred and Exited without graduation removed from active beneficiary count.
  • Added OrgHouseholdNr to household, beneficiary, and group search
Release 6.04 (31 January 2018). 
  • Changes to HIVSTAT as requested by HIVSA and HWW
Release 6.03 (16 December 2017). 
  • Added HIVSTAT latest survey date to beneficiary list (HIVSA request)
Release 6.02 (05 December 2017). 
  • Intervention Report (no 18) added
  • Full-screen intervention capture
  • Temp table underlying intervention capture loads faster and prevents bloat in large databases
  • Full-name search on all lists added
Release 6.01 (06 November 2017). 
  • Fixed bug in group creation (only for non-workshop) as reported by KI 
  • Improved join date query
Release 6.00 (24 October 2017). 
  • Active Beneficiary Definition in accordance with MER 2.0 v2.2 of 2 Oct 2017
  • For other changes please see changes document below - Changes in CBIMS 6.00.docx
Release 5.00 (31 July 2017). 
  • Active Beneficiary Definition in accordance with MER 2.0 January 2017
  • Reports according to new PEPFAR implementation year starting 1 October
  • For other changes please see changes document below
Release 3.08 (07 March 2017)
  • Preliminary to release 4.00. Capture forms for OVC_HIVSTAT, Schooling and AGWY Vulnerability Scores
  • Bug fixed where edit date is not updated on soft delete
Release 3.07 (03 November 2016)
  • Added code to import from CBIMS Mobile on the Commcare System
Release 3.06 (04 October 2016)
  • Corrections in the ECHS report pointed out by Hope Worldwide. Previous months OVC_SERV and OVC_ACC overcounts
  • Correction to count of home visits in the ECHS report
Release 3.05 (8 September 2016)
  • Merge from XML now allows merge into a non-empty database for Department of Social Development users
  • Active Beneficiary Report for USAID / PEPFAR users
Release 3.03 (1 June 2016)
  • Bug fixes and improvements in the workflow graph
  • Adjustment to ECHS report: "Number of new children under-5years who received age-appropriate early childhood household stimulation  (ECHS) during the reporting period" now counts newly enrolled children only who received ECHS and not all children receiving ECHS in the specified month - as pointed out by HWW
  • Bug-fix in merge of XML databases
  • Upgrade now imports existing custom queries
Release 3.02 (27 April 2016). Conforms to the definition of an active beneficiary as stated in OVCY MER Manual for Partners Implementing OVC Activities in South Africa. Version 6.1. November 2015. Changes are:
  • Adjusted PEPFAR Report for MER 2.0.
  • Added Health Sub-District Grouping
  • Added VMMC_CIRC
  • Added DREAMS (Educational Support, Economic Strengthening, Social Protection, Parenting)
  • Added Graduation categories
  • Added Graduation by District Municipality based on Central support sites list from USAID
  • DREAMS Social Protection is defined as:
       - Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfers
       -  Statutory Child Protection Interventions
       -  Birth Registration and Identification Documents
       -  Succession Planning, Memory Work, Inheritance Claims
  • DREAMS Economic Strengthening is defined as
       - Household Economic Strengthening
  • "At Beginning" Counts for HCT_TST, PP_Prev, Gend_GBV, Gend_Norm corrected
  • Added DSD Disability Type Lookup for Household Members and Personnel
  • Merge function has stricter measures to ensure smooth export to CBIMS Live
  • Fixed bug in adding personnel and user - as reported by HWW and TVT
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